About Sparx Ventures
About Us

Sparx Ventures provides early-stage venture capital and mentoring for promising, high-growth internet-related businesses in South East Asia.

Company Overview

Sparx Ventures invests in early stage internet-related businesses in South East Asia which have created either a defendable market advantage or are able to duplicate a successful US model in the local context. The firm takes an active approach to investing, striving to build collaborative relationships with entrepreneurs by providing funding, technology guidance, legal and accounting support, IT infrastructure, and business plan optimisation. Sparx Ventures is managed by Evolution Capital Public Company Limited, a diversified alternative asset manager and investment advisor focused on emerging Asia, in partnership with its subsidiary Monster Media, Thailand's leading digital media agency, specialising in interactive media for events, and out-of-home media, as well as providing a broad range of technical and marketing services.

The Opportunity

Asia as a whole has over 40% of the world's Internet users and has experienced massive growth in internet usage as connectivity costs decline and infrastructure is scaled, and Sparx is well-positioned to take advantage of this explosive growth by providing regional start-ups with locally-based operational backing through the utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources.

For start-up companies, this means access to scarce funding, in addition to benefits arising from the active participation of Sparx's in-house IT infrastructure, legal, financial, and management resources.

For investors, Sparx provides exposure to first mover internet-related businesses in fast growing South East Asian markets. Investee companies are selected on the basis of their value proposition, and the sustainability and scalability of their business models.